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Here for the "HERE & NOW". This phrase has been running through my mind this entire Summer. Maybe you can relate? Mentally, physically, and emotionally- being pulled in a million directions. The desire to be present, but the overwhelm leaving you with guilt over what you've missed, forgotten, or didn't feel like received your full attention. Then, on the other side of it, anxious about how you're going to be everything and everywhere for the upcoming demands of your life. It can feel insane.

This phrase "HERE & NOW" is on repeat in my heart and mind. I hope these words speak to you and this shirt serves as a precious reminder. 

HERE & NOW. Let's let go of some guilt and shame from what has already happened...
It's okay if you did your best and still showed up late. It's okay if you forgot a birthday and reached out a day or two after. It's okay if the house feels a little wild and you missed your workout. It's okay if you felt overwhelmed and underappreciated. In the HERE & NOW you are giving yourself LOVE for the way you tried. For your intentions and for the gift that you are to so many. Here you can see where you would like to do things differently and also acknowledge all the things you did incredibly well.

HERE & NOW. Let's let go of some anxiety and overwhelm for the future...
In the here and now, we can see the upcoming appointments, gatherings, to-do lists. The cool part of looking ahead is that we can make a plan, see where we need help and recognize what we need to say no to. Our minds are clear and steady. We make plans with intention and give ourselves grace. We know how we want our days to feel. We are honest with our capacity and make decisions with intention. This brings us back to peace.

Now we are present! This is where we want to spend most of our time! In the HERE & NOW we notice the beauty of being alive. Our senses are activated and we tell our minds and hearts the things we want to lock in as core memories. Our nervous systems are regulated and we respond, rather than react. We remember how we spent our days because our mind was here, too. We make eye contact, we ask for personal time when needed, and we show up as the most beautiful versions of ourselves. Not only are we happier and healthier, but others notice it too. They learn from us and want to be around us. There is so much gratitude in this place. No matter what's going on around you. Take a deep breath and slip on your shirt! 

Welcome to the HERE & NOW, my friends! It's beautiful here.
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